Plan 2016-17

A big plunge into the real LIFE, the adventure of a lifetime starts in September if everything goes according to the plans. No coincidence that there was no video uploads during the summer; this season was mostly spent with work and preparation of the boat for the big trip ahead. Leaving from Dublin/Dun Laoghaire in the middle of the month I expect to be in Lisbon within a week or two, depending on the weather and other circumstances. Then after a week or two rest, Madeira is my next goal for a good look around, then the Canary Islands where I hopefully catch up with friends and family. And after that? Only Neptun knows which way and how far?

Update II.: Panama Canal is behind us, here we go Pacific Ocean!

done so far and planned 2.png

Update: Yellow line is the route done so far, red is the short plan ahead. Currently in Barbados enjoying the sunshine, then StVincent, Curacao and Panama…