Welcome to my blog!

It is dedicated to sailing, and my adventure onboard my small sailing boat Comino, a Hurley 22. My name is Attila, I am from Hungary, a landlocked country, where water based sports are limited to lakes and rivers. I lived, studied and worked in Dublin, Ireland for ten years, where I also learned the basics of sailing, navigation, seamanship and boat maintenance on various courses, participating in club activities and in general just ‘messing about boats’. A big thank you goes to those who helped me along the way (SID, DMYC, DBSC sailing clubs, and too many people to list). In 2012 I bought my first vessel with sail, a Laser 1 dinghy, after crewing and skippering on lot of small and big yachts and dinghies. The main consideration was money, of course, the smaller the boat, smaller the associated cost, in storage, parts, repairs. However, the saying, smaller the boat, bigger the fun is also true, and I had some crazy and memorable trip and race with her. Sailing around Lambay Island in F6 wind, doing the ‘Island challenge’ (a race around Dalkey Island) or the Frostbite race during the crisp winter Sundays in Dun Laoghaire will never be forgotten.

In 2014 it was time to realize my long time dream and I bought a real yacht. Comino was a good choice, and after some sea trial I dared the Atlantic Ocean and sailed around Ireland. This was a great success despite the lack of wind I encountered on the west coast. It showed me nonetheless that the two of us could go anywhere we wanted. The plan was forming. Stop looking and listening about enviously others sailing away, chasing distant horizons, do it yourself! It is a big and scary decision to make, to jump into the unknown leave the safety of the land lubbers’ life behind, but I knew, I would never be happy if at least I don’t try.

Currently, sailing the Canary Islands, making friends everywhere I stop, I am absolutely happy with my decision. Let me share my experience with you, I hope you will enjoy it!


Update: Comino since sailed across the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea with me. Now we are waiting for the 17 May 2017, when we transit the Panama Canal!


At the anchorage called ‘Flats’ in Cristobal Harbour, Panama, where we are waiting for the Canal admeasurement procedure, to take place.

 Update: I have arrived to the Marquises Islands after crossing the Pacific Ocean in 42 days. Hesitating between good and better options, I decided to stay around this beautiful place for the cyclone season before move on towards the west again.
In the Bay of Virgins

At Fatu Hiva, in the Bay of Virgins


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  1. Hello Attila. I am emailing from county Kerry Ireland. I came accros your blog after i saw your letter printed in PBO. Well done on your adventure, you are helping this less adventurous sailor pass the winter!! I have a Tamarisk 24, she is a traditional gaff rigged cutter. she is in a shed over the winter undergoing a little refit. I have a few videos posted on you tube. Nothing as daring as yours but have a look, search under my name. Enjoy yourself, stay safe, I’ll be enviously watching your progress. Regards.. Ivan.

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